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Thu Jan 23,2020 06:47 AM

How do I make sure I do well in a psychology EE?
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Sun Jan 26,2020 03:55 AM

I’ve just finished my EE in Psychology, and there were a few things my supervisor recommended to do well:
- Avoid describing findings, and instead evaluate them (for example, instead of listing a bunch of numbers from the results of a study, mention the most important ones and go straight to evaluating the significance of the findings in relation to your question)
- Use psychology terminology
- Evaluate your research (looking at validity, ethics, research method, etc.)
- Include research that counters your thesis. Don’t limit your essay to research that only supports your initial thoughts. This will provide a good balance to your arguments.
- Consider choosing a topic that is significant, and explain why coming to a conclusion has importance
- Use experimental evidence to back up your arguments (if possible)

I hope this helps. Good luck!
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Wed Jan 29,2020 07:59 PM

Thank you so much!!!!!

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