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Wed Dec 11,2019 03:16 PM

At my school, they only offer Maths and Studies SL, Spanish/French 4,5,6, Chem SL/HL, HOTA HL/SL, SL Psychology, HL ART, SL/HL Drama And English HL. I am going to speak to my IB Coordinator in February and want to present a petition to get access to the Pamoja System that teaches online IBDP courses like SL FILM, Mandarin AB initio, Math HL, Philosophy SL and more. https://pamojaeducation.com/programmes/international-baccalaureate/

If any of you guys have done similar campaigns to get Pamoja or currently use Pamoja, please let me know because I really wanted to take Film, but my county won’t get behind it without more information. Thanks!
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Thu Dec 26,2019 06:05 PM

Hey dude. I graduated with the diploma 2 years ago, and I was in an ab initio French class on Pamoja. I wanted to take French and my school didn’t offer it. Me and a couple other students requested to have Pamoja to study the subject.

This is my advice to you for Pamoja and requesting an exception. Have a great reason and plan for how you will complete the requirements for the diploma. Pamoja is an online platform, something you know. You must be intrinsically motivated because all of the studying is self-directed.

Here are some pros for Pamoja:
- self study
- no physical classroom time
- self-paced, however there are strict and hard deadlines
- all online, no books
- helps students with preparation for independent studies

Cons of Pamoja:
- hard and fast deadlines with very little wiggle room
- instructors are very strict and sometimes, depending on the teachers, are not understanding of certain circumstances
- online classes come with technical difficulties
- a lot of time will be invested in your Pamoja class
- Pamoja classes can be harder and stricter than classes at your school
- you are held accountable with the Pamoja instructors and not your school, you must make arrangements with your online teachers
- once you make the decision to do Pamoja, you are locked into that decision
- teachers live in different parts of the world, so Skype calls or emails might be delayed due to time differences

In short, there are pros and cons to Pamoja. I am happy that I did French on Pamoja. I’m getting a minor in French and a masters in French after undergrad. But you have to be really into the subject you are doing on Pamoja. Don’t do Pamoja if you are hesitant or uninterested in Film. You really must be intrinsically motivated!

If you have a good case and your school can afford Pamoja (it’s not cheap per student), Pamoja might be a good choice for you.

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