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Wed Nov 20,2019 06:21 AM

I’m going to do IB DP next year, and I need to know is chem, physics and math HL doable if I already do karate twice a week and ultimate frisbee in the spring? If not, any suggestions for what HLs to take? (i want to go into engineering so my sciences will be chem and physics). Also, any other general advice?

I’m definitely taking French B HL, so do I take that plus math/chem/physics HL and drop one later, or start with French plus 2 HLs (2 of math chem or physics)? Or switch one of the sciences with psych?
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Wed Nov 20,2019 10:22 AM

My school actually doesn’t allow anyone to take these three classes together as highers as it will be A LOT of work. if you’re up for it and ready to put in a lot of long nights, go for it but honestly I would take chem sl and physics and math HL for what you want to do later in life. Then take an easy language or social sciences as HL to kinda balance it out
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Thu Nov 28,2019 11:49 AM

I would recommend choosing the two that are most important for your future career path/ pre requisites for University then taking the third HL as the social science or English. Only two people in the last three years have taken these HLs together and they’re really struggling. If you think you can do it and you’re willing to study your ass off every week then go for it

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