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Hey everyone! I’m a second year IB student now and I wanted to share some advice that I’ve learned for the HOTA IA. I wrote mine on the Sputnik Launch, which had a decent amount of information. Make sure your topic doesn’t skimp on it. Whether you do footnotes or in-text, add A LOT of details. The more the merrier. For Part A, this is considered the OPCVL. Be as direct as you can be. You need to do two full OPCVLS for two sources so make sure they are straight to the point (this is what I got marked down on). ADD THE DATES TO THEM. I know kids who got marked down harshly because they had no dates on theirs. Part B is where your massive amounts of information go. It should be crammed but not too overwhelming. Just make sure it flows. On Part C, write in third person. Make sure it’s strongly describing how the historians were limited as well as the challenges in finding non-biased sources. Work cited must be in alphabetical order (my class messed this up badly haha). Be under the word count (2200 words I think). READ READ READ. Any minor errors will mark you down so read it over and over again. Plug it into google translate and have it read to you l, or have a friend do it too. I wish you all the best of luck!!

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