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Wed Nov 6,2019 06:02 AM

How would one write the catcher in the rye as a history?
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Wed Nov 6,2019 12:05 PM

Does anyone know how I can come up with an economics EE research question
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Thu Nov 7,2019 07:16 PM

@mike-2020 I would definitely do that as English lit not history... You might be able to use some historical accuracies in the novel in a broader context or how it influenced the world after its publication but it would still be English I think
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Sat Nov 9,2019 12:41 PM

You can do an easy job in having catcher in the rye as an English EE rather than a History EE. Of course you can connect it to some historical aspects no ones gonna dock you points for doing that, it’s part of the context of the book.

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