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Wed Nov 6,2019 12:59 AM

Hey IBers!
I have a proposition for you to be involved as IB penpals so far we have an instagram and reddit. insta: ib.penpals and
reddit: r/IBPenpals
My name is Emily and I study in NM, U.S. and started this project in late September!
This is a group that will exchange letters or email about your country’s culture, language(s), and experience with the program. I hope it’s a positive thing to connect and build friendships. We have a google forum link in our Instagram bio for you to sign-up and answer a questionnaire.
To make this project different I have suggested us send packages or little trinkets from our country whether it be postcards or snacks/candy that pertain to your country only. I’m hoping to build a network of us and keep it growing!
Thanks and stay IB strong!

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