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Sun Nov 3,2019 04:18 PM

I am planning on writing about the history of India during world war 2. I want to focus on their influence on the Asian and European fronts of the war and analyze the impact. Is this too broad? Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
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Sun Nov 3,2019 04:24 PM

It’s a tad broad, but once you start doing more in depth research it will become more specific. You should also talk to the history teachers in your school to see what they think of the question. I’m in year one of ib and we haven’t done too much for our EE yet, so sorry I can’t offer more help than that.
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Tue Nov 5,2019 06:11 PM

I’m not an expert in this topic but I am an IB2 student who just finished their History EE. I do think it is too broad, so I would suggest do some broad research and then focus on either asia or europe, definitely not both! Once you get more in depth into the research find a specific area that they had a lot of influence on, economically, politically, on a later conflict in the region etc so that it isn’t as broad anymore. For now, don’t worry about it too much yet and really take your time to pick a good research question and topic. Always go talk to your supervisor or history teacher if you’re stuck on something they can definitely help. Also remember from day 1 on to write your sources somewhere so you know what to reference later on in your final bibliography. History EEs usually have 20-30 sources minimum so make sure you do extensive research and write it down otherwise there is gonna be a problem at the end when you can’t find them anymore. Hope this was helpful!
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Sat Nov 9,2019 12:46 PM

I’m an IB2 student and I did a history EE in Indira Gandhi’s nuclear arms policies, though that didn’t come to me at the moment. It came through research, going down rabbit holes (when you find something interesting you focus researching on that specific topic) and also most importantly talking with your supervisors and classmates who are also planning to do an History EE. Don’t focus on absolutely everything you only have 4000 words max to write about something interesting. First do your research on India’s impact on both the Asian Front and the European Front, and based on your research narrow it down to either Asian or European Front.

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