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Wed Oct 23,2019 12:33 PM

Hi guys, I’m in my IB1 year and There’s a new curriculum for the language classes which stressed me out a lot at first. Luckily it doesn’t really stress me out that much anymore however I’m still struggling with the whole portfolio thing. I’m not sure if only my school is doing this but my teachers keep mentioning that I have to bring in my own material and that I have to build up this ‘body of works’. I just need someone to explain to me what this entails and what I’m actually supposed to be doing so that I don’t fall behind !!

Thank youuuuu :)

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Wed Oct 23,2019 01:00 PM

We started that in our class too. I have different sections for each text that we study, and a section for writing structure and devices (though that’s more for me than for the learner portfolio). You could put notes, assignments, and some free writing in (it’s supposed to be whatever will give you ideas for future assignments). For example, I have a few paragraphs in my Medea section about how Euripides was not a feminist and how he used Medea’s want for women’s rights as a way to show the all-male audience of Ancient Greece that Medea is mentally unstable. It’s whatever will help you in your future writing, and a way to show the ib that your ideas are original.
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Wed Oct 23,2019 06:40 PM

As far as I understood it’s meant to keep track of all your work. It’s important that you keep it up to date because our English teacher told us that the IB could ask to see your portfolio after the exams and if they notice that the amount of work in your portfolio isn’t compatible with your final grade you could have some issues
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Fri Nov 8,2019 03:51 PM

I have Russian LAL for HL and we all have to put some records in our portfolio but it isn’t a big issue for us

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