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Tue Oct 15,2019 01:49 PM

Hi, I am currently finishing with the IGCSE program and am worried if my choices are really hard. Any advice, comments would help a lot.
Physics HL
Math HL
English A Lang Lit HL
Spanish A Lit SL
Chinese B SL
History SL
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Wed Oct 16,2019 08:29 PM

Please do not underestimate History SL, it is so so so much memorization!!
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Thu Oct 17,2019 11:28 AM

You have three languages out of which 2 are literature, that is very ambitious with the combination of HL Maths and Physics? Unless you are devoted to studying your soul out I would not personally recommed this but then again, if you enjoy these subjects do go ahead. History is not a particularly easy subject either.
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Tue Oct 22,2019 11:49 PM

I’m in my first year of history HL and I’m loving it, despite it being difficult. There are definitely easier classes to take, but if you love it I’d say go for it. I’m in SL math and I’m told that HL is incredibly difficult (I personally could not do it), but if you have a more scientifically oriented mind then you should be fine. The two lit languages are also ambitious, but if you’re passionate enough about it, then go for it.
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Sat Oct 26,2019 12:30 PM

Hey, I’m also taking two languages A, both HL, and I’d say it’s actually pretty cool because 1. It’s certainly better than doing grammar in language B haha and 2. A lot of the skills you get in LAL you can use in Lit and vice versa. For instance, paper 1 is quite similar, you just look at different aspects, but the approach is the same. The only thing I’ll tell you is that there is a lot to read. Especially in Literature class. But if you feel like you can manage the amount of books you’ll have to read and if you’re good with essays, you’ll be fine. For history, I’m also taking it HL, and I love it. It’s true that you have a lot to memorize, but at the same time as you go you’ll understand that you don’t always have to study everything, so if you’re passionate about the subject it’s actually pretty manageable ;) again though, it’s better if you’re good at writing essays, because what’s valued almost more than content in history is the structure. Don’t worry, you’ll learn how to properly structure your history essays, but it’s better if you start off being comfortable with writing. I think your subject choice is pretty ambitious, because you have a very strong humanitarian/literary combinations (three languages and history) with two very demanding scientific courses (Physics and Math HL), so unless you really need both, it’s probably better if you choose to just focus on one to make things a little easier throughout your DP. I can’t think of a Uni program that would ask of you to have a similar subject choice, so unless you’re doing all these courses because you really like all of them, maybe think of changing them a bit if you wanna make things easier. But then again, if you’re taking two languages A because you’re really fluent in both of them and you think you’d be bored in a language B course I totally get that, and it’s true that it’s not very stimulating, so if you think you can manage go for it :) (that was very long, sorry haha) (Also if you ever wanna rant about your two languages A hmu
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Sat Nov 9,2019 12:55 PM

As an IB2 history SL student myself I would say that the course is not for those of the faint hearted (ok that might be an exaggeration).
So yes this course does rely heavily on memorisation, but also the course demands you to go and do further research on a specific topic, so like finding outside sources, different historiographical views, interpretations (though this is something of a given, it’s not mentioned explicitly). Ultimately in a test based on the question(s) and evidence your provide, YOU have to make the judgement whether (for example) Stalin was indeed a ruthless lad who destroyed the soviet economy

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