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Fri Oct 11,2019 03:02 AM

Hey guys,
We started with our psychology HL IA and our teacher said that we have to be in pairs/groups of 3 to perform the experiments. I just wanted to check if this is correct? Because if multiple students together perform the same experiment, our IA‘s will be exactly the same and isnt that plagiarising? Im sure you cant have the same IA as another student. I would like to know how you all are doing or did your psych IA.
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Sat Oct 12,2019 10:06 PM

As far as I know. You are supposed to do the experiment together, but then write it separately. So, I wouldn’t call that plagiarism (since that is taking someone else’s work/ quoting without referring back to original author). And you aren’t doing that.
But I would ask the teacher just to be sure
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Sat Oct 12,2019 11:39 PM

We’re doing the same thing and my teacher said that we write all of the groups’ candidate numbers on the front so that the examiners can see what members did the same task and then can look into the IA itself to see if there is specific plagiarism

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