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Tue Oct 8,2019 06:27 AM

Hey guys I'm on my last year of IB! hahaha. well im taking

Spanish A Literature HL
English A lang&Lit HL
Psychology HL
bio sl
math studies sl
Philosophy sl

The big problem I have is that my philosophy teacher gets us nowhere, I haven't learned anything and I know I could be failing the may exams because of it. I speak fluent French, so I want to know if I can take the French B sl exam instead of the philosophy one even though I haven't taken the course. I'm willing to write an IA for the class and everything. What I don't know is if I am able to do this. PLEASE HEEELLLPPP

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Mon Oct 14,2019 04:49 PM

This usually differs for each school, for example at my school the deadline for changing subjects is the start of grade 12, it’s probably best if you check with your school’s counselors or IB coordinator

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