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Hi! I am an IB 2019 May alumni and am selling detailed Geography notes for HL/SL. These notes helped me to achieve a level 7 for HL Geo, and I hope they can help you too! They are mainly based off the Oxford Course Companion and the Hodder Education Study Guides, and follow the requirements of the syllabus exactly. If bought, the notes will be shared on Google Docs without printing rights. Besides a comprehensive 10+ pages of typed notes for each unit (a total of 150 pages), case studies and sorted past paper answers are included as well. Can’t seem to upload a photo so PM for photos!

- HL+ SL notes: $25 USD
- SL notes alone: $15 USD
- Options (B, C and D): $5 USD each

If you’re interested please send me a PM! Individual topics can also be sold with their prices adjusted accordingly.

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