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Mon Sep 2,2019 12:00 PM

I’m currently in IB2, taking the exams in May 2020. And I have four HLs being Swedish A, English A, Psychology and History.

I’m really starting to feel the heavy workload and I’ve been thinking of dropping Swedish to SL. I need Psychology as HL cause I’m planning to study Psych later in college and I want to keep English at HL because it’s recommended if you want to study in US (which I want to do), and History well there is only 6 of us taking it and everyone is doing HL because it was recommended.
Swedish would be the subject to drop because I find it quite useless since I’m not even going to be studying in Sweden, and our teacher said he only recommends taking HL if you’re going to stay in Sweden after the IB, which I will not be doing. The only reason I chose it as HL is because it’s a pure Literature course and I love reading but I just can’t handle it anymore and could really use the time focusing more on my other HLs and SL subjects.

My question is, if I drop it now, roughly 8 months before finals, will that look bad on college applications cause it’s going to prove that I couldn’t handle the pressure? A lot of people in my grade chose 4 HLs but I’m pretty sure they all dropped one of them, so I think I’m the only one left.
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Tue Sep 3,2019 04:20 PM

I think dropping down to Swedish SL would be a good thing to do. Your other HL’s, especially Psychology and History, are very demanding subjects and I think it’s important you prioritize those as best as you can. Since you aren’t planning on studying in Sweden, I don’t think dropping down will impact your future much.

I can understand that some Universities may think that this drop shows that you couldn’t handle the pressure, but it also shows that you are capable of making goal-orientated decisions that allow you to prioritize the subjects relevant to your future at Uni. Besides, if dropping to SL will enable you to achieve higher grades in your other HL’s, it’s definitely worth it and probably won’t even be something the Universities will pay particular attention to.

Best of Luck!

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