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Tue Aug 13,2019 06:48 PM

Which way do I format the citation for the Biology EE ?? My cohort is also doing a science EE and doesn’t know.
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Thu Aug 15,2019 10:38 PM

Based on my knowledge and my own works, the citation format is not important. What is important, on the other hand, is that everything is cited correctly and consistently. If you didn't comply to these rules, you could be looking at plagiarism, an automatic fail on the E.E. and consequently, an automatic fail for the IB diploma. So what I would recommend is that you choose a recognized format that you are comfortable with. Personally, I tend to lean towards MLA or Chicago format unless it's for psychology; then, I would use APA. The important thing is that all the citations are done correctly and that you don't switch formats midway through the essay for example. Hopefully, this was helpful for you :)

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