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Fri Jul 19,2019 04:08 AM

I had a crazy idea for my IA, which was to see the affect of vaping on lung capacity. I would be legally allowed to vape where I live at the time, but I don’t know if the IB would have an issue with it. If I have my written consent, in theory it would be ok, but idk.

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Sat Jul 20,2019 08:20 AM

Sounds like an interesting one! Typically the IB considers experiments on humans (even if it’s yourself) an ethical problem (since they can’t allow students to perform experiments that might cause harm. If you need some advice for new ideas, I made a blog post you can find here: www.ibbetter.com/biology-ia-ideas/
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Mon Jul 22,2019 11:26 AM

Like @joachimstarup said, it may pose a problem if you actually want to carry out the experiment yourself on humans since there are plenty of ethical considerations. However, if you are convinced that this is the subject for you, you could do a meta-analysis of multiple studies instead that all relate back to your research question. Hope this was slightly helpful :)
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Tue Jul 23,2019 03:13 PM

People already mentioned most things but I’d suggest looking up the IB Experimentation Policy. You can find it just by searching it in google. Also, just collecting data from yourself wouldn’t provide a sufficient sample size. Traditionally, Bio IA’s do require an experiment to be performed so idk if a extensive literature review on the subject would work either. My suggestion is while this might interest you sometimes the best thing to do for IAs are to take the easy way out and maybe do it on a simpler topic that may not interest you as much. It’s unfortunate but with the IB workload sometimes you just gotta write an IA that may be boring but will get you a good grade.
Hope I helped

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