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Fri Jul 12,2019 11:19 PM

Hello everyone!

I’m planning on working as an interior designer, but I’m not sure if it is just a phase, or if I’m serious. What subjects would you recommend? My school doesn’t offer Art in IB.

I was thinking of taking the following subjects:
Math HL
Chemistry HL
Business HL
English SL
Biology SL
French SL

I have noticed that the above subjects are not related to interior design. I have contacted local universities regarding IB requirements for interior design, and they have all stated that they need a IBDP Diploma regardless of the subjects.

What do you think?

Thanks for your help
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Sat Jul 13,2019 12:43 AM

With your subjects, you can definitely do chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, maybe even medicine. For interior design, however, it really depends on the university. Some may prefer art or design in the IB and some may not. It’s kind of like doing business major in Univeristy, they don’t require you to do business in order to pursue a business major. Hope this helps.
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Sun Jul 14,2019 02:46 AM

I think that your subject choices taking into consideration the fact that you're uncertain if you want to become an interior designer really well. You could easily change career paths with these subjects. However, if your plan for university is to dedicate your undergraduate studies to getting the necessary degree for design, you may want to consider the difficulty of the courses that you've selected. Since you don't really have any course that would make you stand out in design or in art, you want to make sure that you can at least academically shine with your IB scores. For example, if you're not someone who is incredibly good at math, you might want to consider the impact that Math HL could have on you. That's why I would advise you to go over your HL vs. SL course selection and make sure that your class combination can be one of your most optimal ones. Good luck with your IB classes and I hope that this was remotely helpful :)

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