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Fri Jul 12,2019 07:03 AM

i am planning to write an ee on the 1947 partition of india, in particular the events that happened in punjab. a research question i came up with is "to what extent can the violence which took place during the 1947 partition of punjab be defined as a genocide?"
i wanted to know if focusing on a single region was specific enough for my research. also, i feel like the topic of genocide is very delicate and tricky to discuss, and i would prefer to come up with something else but i can't think of anything.
any feedback/tip would be greatly appreciated !! :)
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Mon Jul 15,2019 07:27 AM

I definitely think it is specific enough, maybe compare and contrast two places? (just an idea). Also I would recommend stating a definition of genocide in your intro so that the reader knows how and with what criteria you will analyse the situation

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