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Sun Jul 7,2019 03:53 PM

I am approaching my senior year and have been highly recommended to finish as many of my IAs as possible before the year starts in order to avoid overworking myself. My biology teacher however has not even mentioned our IAs while other classes in my school are nearly done. She is generally not a good teacher and I am worried I will be rushed to finish. Biology is one of the subjects I struggle most with so I need to score well on my IA in order for it to hold up my grade. I am looking for IA ideas to investigate with a tutor so I can start my work in the summer. What are possible topics/experiments I could investigate that could get me a 7.
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Sun Jul 7,2019 04:59 PM

I’m not really sure, but do something that interests you because you will be spending ridiculous amount of hours on making it “perfect”, so be prepared and look on the topics from the IB textbooks carefully

But here’s the link to help you decide :)
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Tue Jul 9,2019 02:39 AM

If you're looking for more information on how to succeed on the IA, I would suggest looking at the Oxford course companion ( , look at the very end for the Internal Assessment pages) and study guide ( , look at the back again) for IB Biology. It'll give you tips on how to plan your IA, ideas for topics all throughout the manuals thanks to clear, concise sections as well as advice on how to ensure maximal points in each category. Hopefully, this helps you out because I know these two books helped me out when I was looking for my topic :)
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Sat Jul 20,2019 08:27 AM

Hey! Choosing a biology IA topic is tough. We made a blog post with 50 Ideas that usually score high marks

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