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Fri Jul 5,2019 09:14 PM

I’m struggling deciding what is common knowledge (i.e. Carbon Cycle, amount of water on earth...etc) for my EE since in the past I’ve been taught to treat the reader like they are dumb. However, this does not help me reach the word count. My supervisor said upfront he won’t respond to emails over the summer, so I don’t know to include it or not.
Please let me know! Thank you!

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Sat Jul 6,2019 06:23 PM

if you want to cut down on your words you can include a picture of the carbon cycle (with references of course) instead of explaining it in words. Also another thing you can do is include text in tables because text in tables is not included in the word count (dont ask me why, the IB just likes to be dumb like that). My EE had more than 4.500 words but since the variables for my experiment were in a table the official word count for the IB was less than 4,000 :) hope this helps!

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