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Wed Jul 3,2019 11:18 AM

hey! I will be starting IB in August, and I haven't met a single person who has the same subject choices as me. It's kinda freaking me out because i don't know how manageable it is.

HL bio, psych, art
SL french eng math ai

Can anyone let me know how this subject combination looks and how manageable it is? perhaps how I should prepare too?
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Wed Jul 3,2019 01:02 PM

The subject I am doing are quite similar to yours. I take
HL: Biology, Psychology, German B
SL: Math, English A, Business

I know for a lot of people, taking both Biology and Psychology as HL’s can be quite daunting (I was quite scared about it at first as well). However, I have just finished Grade 11, and can reassure you that, if you put in the time and effort, taking both of these subjects is definitely manageable. One of the biggest factors that made it easier for me was that I am really passionate about both subjects and genuinely enjoy them. If you don’t feel this way, managing the workload can be quite difficult.

I should also mention that Biology is extremely content-heavy, and Psychology requires a lot of memorisation of studies and their details. If memorisation isn’t one of your strengths, taking these 2 subjects together may become challenging.

I personally don’t take Art, but have heard from my friends that it is very enjoyable, but requires a lot of time. If you are creative and enjoy Art, then I think you should be okay.

Regarding your SL’s, I think you will be able to manage them well. It’s a good balance of subjects, that aren’t too challenging or content-heavy.

I hope this helped. Good Luck!

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