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Sun Jun 16,2019 04:03 PM

Hello everyone, I have a history hl exam and I don’t know how to answer to what extent questions. Can somebody help me please or give me an example of how to do it? Please, I would appreciate it very much
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Mon Jun 17,2019 02:51 AM

I don't know how helpful this will be for you as I am not a history student but I'll give a few tips for how to answer questions that begin with "To what extent..." in general. When this question is asked, the evaluators are basically asking for to what degree is something, whether it be the accuracy, the relevancy, the reliability, etc. of some element. In this case, you need to weigh both the positives and the negatives of the situation, the treaty or whatever it may be. For example, you may talk about the economic benefits of a certain war but then talk about the political disadvantages of this same war. Then, you will need to conclude with how accurate, relevant, reliable, etc. this element was by determining if positives outweigh the negatives, vice versa or if they are both equal. Hopefully, I was able to help you to some extent with my answer :)
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Tue Oct 15,2019 11:16 PM

Hey! Sorry I’m late, but at the beginning of your history course book you should find the explanation to each command term, including to what extent :)
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Tue Jan 7,2020 12:26 PM

when the IB asks you “to what extent” you basically start with justifications and facts first and then formulate your answer based on them. This could be your personal opinion as well but I am not sure on that

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