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Thu Jun 13,2019 12:47 AM

Hi! I’m Jordane and as you’ve probably guessed, i’m starting the IBDP this fall. I just wanted to say hello and wish the best of luck to everyone in the same boat as well as strike up a conversation with people who are just as nervous and excited as I am. :)
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Thu Jun 13,2019 09:48 AM

Good luck to you too :)
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Tue Jun 18,2019 04:34 AM

Good luck to all of you :)
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Tue Jun 25,2019 07:28 PM

Welcome to the IB world! Get ready to work hard and be stressed! But remember it’s always worth it in the end!
-year 2 ibdp student
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Tue Jul 9,2019 05:43 AM

Good luck everyone! Don’t ever give up, you’ll make it through! (M19 grad)

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