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Mon Jun 10,2019 10:13 AM

I received my report card for Y11 (DP1) today, but I want to increase my score before final report cards for Y12 (DP2). I know it’s probably unlikely to make a dramatic change in my scores for my predicted grades, but is it possible to jump around 4-7 points between the end of DP1 and the end of DP2?

If you had a dramatic increase in your IB score from DP1 to DP2, could you possibly tell me how much you studied, how many points you jumped, and any helpful experiences? It would be a great source of motivation for me! Thank you :)
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Tue Jun 11,2019 10:18 AM

Didn’t increase from DP1 to 2 but throughout DP2. It really depends on the subject, practice math past papers and book questions a bit every day, for something where memorization is key, make clear and colorful notes that help you understand the content better, don’t just copy info from the book
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Thu Jul 4,2019 11:23 AM

Hello! I also want to increase my scores dramatically. I think it’s possible only if you put in the time and extra effort. Past papers, spaced recalling, everything. I think just get to know your subject as a whole fluently. Currently, I’m spending the entire summer getting ahead of the syllabus and really drilling the topics I did in DP1 in my head

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