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Hey, my name is Evgenii, and I made revision notes for
IB Economics SL/HL
IB History SL/HL
IB Psychology SL/HL
IB Business and Management SL/HL
IB Biology SL
courses that can help you with your Assignments, IA's, Mocks and Final Exams and assure any student a 7/7! . 60% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Revision notes can be accessed here:

In the final IB exams, I have received 43 points. Not gonna lie, I am more than fucking happy.

In May 2018, I graduated from an IB Diploma based school in Vienna, Austria.
I am not a genius, nor do I have a big talent in anything. In the end of Grade 11 exams, I was predicted 33 points. Then, I knew, I had to step up my game.
However, my studying days for Final Exams usually consisted of hardcore studying throughout the day, and gaming and partying in the evening. I actually felt so relaxed, knowing that if I had studied the revised content in my notes, I could achieve a 7.
In school, I have created detailed revision notes for the Economics SL/HL, History SL/HL IB Psychology SL/HL, IB Business and Management SL/HL, and IB Biology SL courses, which would help me revise for my final exams, general tests and assignments throughout the tough and stressful IB.
Now that I am done with IB, my e-commerce company "Successoly" and I, aim to give other students around the world a chance to use my self-created and detailed revision notes, and achieve the highest number of points possible in the final exams, tests and assignments in the IB Economics SL/HL, IB History SL/HL, IB Psychology SL/HL, IB Business and Management SL/HL, and IB Biology SL courses. You can check out my website at where you will be able to find all of my IB revision notes, and ask questions regarding the products! :)
You can check out my website at to find my products :)

150+ people have already purchased at least one of our products! Use the discount code "SUMMER" on any of the products and receive a 60% discount :) ! The discount is running out so make sure you use it fast!!

If you have any questions regarding any of Successoly’s products, or general IB tips and advice, feel free to chat with me personally on ! :)

Good luck with your studies!

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