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So I’m writing my EE in Psychology (take it as HL) and my topic is:

”To what extent does childhood trauma (physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse) influence the development of PTSD and alcohol dependence in teenagers and adults?”

It has been approved by my Psych teacher (who is my supervisor) and the IB coordinator and it’s a topic I’m interested in and I’m confident with it.

The issue I have is that so far I have had one meeting (out of the 3) with my supervisor and I haven’t really started with my EE yet because there is so much to do now so I’m going to do it during the summer. I have done the research and know how to approach the topic. But on the one meeting we’ve had it was only around 10 minutes and he just helped me with how to structure the essay since I didn’t really know how to start. It doesn’t really seem like he pushes the students to be better.

Meanwhile my English A teacher who also has EE students has 20-30 minute meeting with each one of his EE students and he has had more than the 2 meetings we’re supposed to have this semester. It just seems that those students will do better with the EE than the Psych students who don’t really get the same support if you get what I mean? Besides that I find the Psychology teacher quite good, I mean he’s so good that right now I’m predicted a 6. But I’m aiming for an A on the EE, is that still possible if we don’t get the same amount of help from the teacher?

I’m supposed to have another meeting with him next week before we go on summer vacation and I don’t really know what to talk about with him since I haven’t started working on the EE yet besides the research. What are some good questions to ask him? So I don’t mess it up during the summer.

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