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Sun Jun 2,2019 05:58 AM

hii im going into dp in two months but i still don’t know what I want to choose for my sciences yet because it won’t be super important in my future currently. I want to go into business or education and our school offers Bio, Chem and Physics. I’m not bad at any of them or math ngl but i don’t particularly like any of them either. i’m also a visual learner who picks up certain things slowly if that helps? can anyone help guide me in course selections?
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Sun Jun 2,2019 01:39 PM

in my opinion, the easiest one to understand (especially at SL) is Bio and its also the easiest one to get a good grade in
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Sun Jun 2,2019 02:04 PM

I take Bio and ESS bc my school only offers those two, and I have to say Bio HL is one of my favorite classes ever (ESS is the worst, never take it)

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