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Fri May 31,2019 02:00 PM

Hey guys, I just confirmed a few months back w my school that I wanted to take IB. I just got my summer assignments and I picked out my IB classes; everything looks pretty solid, but the only thing holding me back from being 100% excited and sure about it is student opinions (at my school) about the IBDP.

They say it isn’t worth it and that it is too hard. I’m a little bit of a workaholic, but they are making it seem like it’s the end of the world. I want to get into a really good college and I feel like IB is the way to go. Any advice to soothe my nerves?
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Fri May 31,2019 02:01 PM

Also, what can I do for (consistent) community service that doesn’t feel like a job or a burden? I’m new to all this.
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Sun Jun 2,2019 02:02 PM

A lot of people at my school feel the same way before starting their junior year. My DP class has had so many teacher changes this year that we’ve been stressed out of our minds, and now nobody from the grade below us wants to sign up for dp. You have to know who you are as a student, and if you’re a workaholic it sounds like it would be a good fit for you. You’d just have to put those people’s complaints into perspective; when you’re in the heat of ib it seems a lot worse than it actually is. I dont think you should worry.

For CAS service what I did was I started volunteering at a hospital every week, so not only is there the obligation to do it for cas but also because I’ll get fired if i don’t show up, so it keeps me motivated to actually do service. This might not be readily available to you, but find something that you’re interested in that will make you forget that you’re doing it for cas and you’ll be set. My friends volunteer at nursing homes, teach swim lessons, tutor pre-IB students, do monthly beach cleanups, etc and it’s all good for service! Hope this helps!
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Mon Jun 3,2019 03:03 AM

Before you get all stressed out about your choice to join IB, I just want you to take into consideration that sometimes, IB students tend to overexaggerate things A LOT. For some of us, It can be a coping mechanism. Like @ashields20 said if you're a workaholic, you should fit in nicely into the program because you'll never be bored. On that note, Ib better prepares you for university, With the program, you'll get a feel of how university life will be like because there is always plenty of work to be done and teachers won't move around tests all the time for just your convenience (at least they never did for me). Plus, colleges/universities like to see that you went the extra mile and that you challenged yourself. Even if you don't graduate with an IB diploma (hopefully, you do!), they will at least recognize that extra motivation that is required for the program.

As for CAS, as @ashields20 said, you may volunteer at similar places to the hospital. However, the important thing in these circumstances is that if you are interested in doing this, you may want to volunteer for an established company or organization that relies on its volunteers and would consequently reprimand you if need be. That way, you have the added motivation coming from the fear of consequences. Another possibility is that you found a club at school taht revolves around something you are passionate about. For me, that was an ecology club where we basically tend to plants and trees, pick up litter and attend protests in favour of climate change. Hope this was helpful :)
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Hey there!
My name is Kylie! I was in your position a little under a year ago and i know how it feels! I’m going to be honest with you (like I wished they were with me) yea it’s hard. You can’t beat around that bush. But listen it gets better. There will be moments that are super stressful and sometimes all you will be doing is laughing. Online they make it seem like it’s the worst possible program (and sometimes it feels like that) but it’s in waves. It prepares you for the amount of pressure you will feel in university. Heck I was talking to a resident (a doctor) who said that his friends did IB and that they thought med school was easier. This program prepares you to have a breeze in university where the grades really matter!
I just want you to realize that of the program was THAT bad, people would have canceled it. You CAN handle it! :)
Oh yea, for community service do something you enjoy (if not it’ll suck) if you like animals volunteer at a shelter. If you like humans volunteer at the hospital!
If you have questions about the program and the stress level don’t hesitate to contact me!

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