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Thu May 30,2019 07:27 PM

Hey guys. I’m writing my second Written Task right now. I want to do a WT1 but I don’t know whether to do language or literature.
We have studied:
- gender and media (ad)
- travel (such as blogs, memoirs)

- The God of Small Things
- The World’s Wife

Do you guys have any ideas as to what I could do? I’ve started a brainstorm, but I still have no idea. Thanks!
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Mon Jun 3,2019 01:55 AM

I am not sure how I can help you decide as I don't know whether you feel more comfortable in language or in literature. Also, I am not too sure what the main topics of the two literary works are so I' afraid that I can't help you with that either. However, I can give you a few examples of what you could do for language. Here are a few:

-analyze how a news article might change depending on the gender of its audience
-make a personal diary/blog talking about your experience while on vacation
-analyze how gender stereotypes are often used in publicity

Hope this helps a little bit :)

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