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Thu May 30,2019 03:53 AM

Hi do you have any ideas for Written Task 1 (SL) and how does it work?

Also for Written Task 2 which is a good question to answer?

How many written tasks do you submit to IB if you’re in HL?

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Mon Jun 3,2019 02:14 AM

I cannot fully answer all your questions as I am currently not knowledgable enough but for your second question, my teacher recommended the following questions to us (Be aware, what may work for us may not necessarily work for you so don't feel the need to choose any of these ones if you don't like them):

-Which social groups are marginalized, excluded or kept under silence in the text.
-If the text was written in a different era, place, language or for a different audience, how and why would it be different?

As for your last question, you write two tasks in HL but you only submit your best one. Hope this helps at least a little :)

P.S. Sorry if the questions are not 100% accurately translated. I translated them for my French LAL HL course.

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