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Sat May 25,2019 04:11 PM

hey guys! i am currently selling my notes for the history HL syllabus! i have a predicted 7 and i always studied primarily through them! i have notes on the following topics:

- Causes and Effects of WWI (Causes and Effects of 20th Century Wars)
- Europe and the First World War (HL Paper 3 Topic)
- Weimar and Nazi Germany Foreign Policy (1918 - 1939) (European States in the Interwar - HL Paper 3 Topic)
- Weimar Germany (Evolution and Development of Democratic States)
- Nazi Germany (Authoritarian Atates in the 20th Centuty)

with mock season comming up for the november 2019 season and next year 1 starting soon, i think they would be of great help to anyone wishing to revise for the exam or do some work before the IB!

if you wish to see a preview i can send one by email! if you are interested, feel free to comment below and ill send you my email!
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Tue Jun 4,2019 09:39 AM

I would be interested but how much are you selling them for?
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Thu Jun 6,2019 05:56 AM

@NGC2070 hey! a while ago i bought bio notes from this girl here on the app (they were great and she sent me a sample and all) and i bought them for 20 pounds, but id be willing to sell it for 15 if thats ok with you! if you want, my email is and if you are still interested you can send me an email and ill send you a sample!

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