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Thu May 23,2019 05:48 PM

Hi IB Fam. I am about to finish the IB and was wondering if there’s anything you needed from an IB student that finished IB. All of the subjects I do don’t necessarily have electronic notes as I prefer to write some down instead but any electric copies of stuff I’m gladly open to sharing :)
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Thu May 23,2019 08:49 PM

Hey, I'm starting IB this fall, any tips on English A Lit?
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Sat May 25,2019 10:13 AM

I think the best advice I have is bank the marks on the tasks that aren’t the exam. I believe you are the new course which still means an essay (English IA) on a book is given to the IB before any of the exams. BANK those marks because it ensures a good level of confidence and helps raise you overall grade :) Also, don’t think too far ahead. I did this a lot and found myself stressing quite a lot because it seemed like a lot of work but once we did it all, it was quite nice so don’t stress at all about the amount of texts you learn because it’s not actual that bad:) Lastly, ANY structural essays from your Grade 10 (year 11) career is a great foundation to work on. May not be IB perfect but nonetheless helpful:) hope this helps ☺️
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Sat May 25,2019 03:50 PM

Hey! Any tips on Business HL and Eng Lit HL? I began this year and HL lit is already doing my head in! thanks :)
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Sat May 25,2019 09:16 PM

For business HL, I would advise that you read your notes everyday so that way, when you actually study for mocks, you will basically already know everything and can also focus on other subjects and not be so overwhelmed. Also, ask for help with chapter 3 because it’s section A of paper 2 and it’s pretty important. For lit HL, make organized notes on the books you are reading and investigate the author’s because it might lead to the deeper meaning.

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