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Wed May 15,2019 07:09 AM

Hey guys-

I’m an IBDP1 Student and don’t have access to a sufficient set of notes for Bio SL because of my teacher who doesn’t cover the content in the depth needed. Does anyone have a good set of complete notes that they no longer need and could send to me?

Thank youuu
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Wed May 15,2019 10:48 AM

Hi, I’m sure you can find sets if notes online but what I would recommend is that you use the Bio study guide. Its basically a small book with all the basic concepts you should know (without all the unnecessary lengthy details in the actual book). Im did my Bio exams (final IB exams) a few days ago and I used the study guide and past papers for all my studying. I can email it to you if you comment your email. :)
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Wed May 15,2019 01:28 PM

BioNinja is fantastic if you haven’t looked at it. It had study guides, and in-depth notes on all the various topics.
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Mon Jun 10,2019 09:32 AM

Hey! I’m an Alumni that received 43 points in the May 2018 exams! I have awesome notes for Biology SL, Econ HL, and more, check them out on

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