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Tue May 14,2019 12:15 AM

If I want to get into the Neuroscience field (Psychology + Biology), what classes should I pick and what should be HL/SL?

Classes Offered @ My School
IB Lang & Lit SL/HL
IB French SL
IB Spanish SL/HL
IB Global Politics SL/HL
IB Economics SL (1-Year)
IB World Religions SL (1-Year)
IB Physics SL/HL
IB Biology SL/HL
IB Chemistry SL
IB Environmental System & Societies SL (1-Year)
IB Design Technology SL (1-Year)
IB Math Applications & Interpretations SL
IB Math Analysis and Approaches SL/HL
IB Visual Art SL/HL
IB Music SL
IB Theater HL
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Tue May 14,2019 05:49 AM

I would say definitely biology HL and chemistry HL but I would check the individual university/career requirements if employers offer them on a website
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Tue May 14,2019 08:03 PM

@murka243 Since IB Psych isn’t offered at my school, what would you suggest taking instead for Group 3?
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Thu May 16,2019 09:24 AM

HL: Biology, Chemistry, Global politics
SL: French, English, Math analysis and approaches

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