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Mon May 13,2019 09:44 AM

For Ib I wanna be on the top of my game

I am taking physics and math hl along with business hl and chemistry sl
Spanish ab

Can u please send me resources for Spanish ab I wanna finish learning everything in summer so I can achieve level 6

For math hl I want a 6 so if I finish studying the entire book will I do good ?

Should I type or hand write my notes for Physics HL and chem sl I want to finish taking ALL my notes in summer

Please help!!!
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Mon May 13,2019 06:57 PM

I’d suggest you enjoy your summer before IBDP. This is going to be your last proper summer break before you finish entire IB since your junior year summer break, you’d have to work a lot. Just make sure you’re on top of your stuff next year from the beginning and try to never fall behind. For now, just enjoy your time and there’s no need to do anything.
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Mon May 13,2019 07:01 PM

If you really wanna do something right now, choose one or max 2 SL subjects and learn them over the summer and take those subjects as anticipated which means you’ll sit your ib exams on those subjects in May of your IBDP year 1. That’s good because in that case you wouldn’t have to worry about 1-2 subjects in your second year at all. You can’t take HL subject as anticipated so keep that in mind. If I were you and I really wanted to do something, I would probably just ask your English teacher which works you’re going to cover in IBDP and read all of them and take English as anticipated and maybe potentially Spanish ab initio since it’s really easy
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Mon May 13,2019 10:32 PM

I take Maths HL and I do not think you can learn all the topics by yourself so I suggest you to take private lessons. Moreover you can search about the IA structures and start to think about your future IA ideas. Also you can start to read the books that you will read during the class while you are chilling at the beach. Dont forget to have fun! I think that is all you can do
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Mon Jun 10,2019 10:41 AM

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