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Fri May 10,2019 06:00 AM

hey guys i’m going to be starting IB in 3 months. i get most of its structure, but i’m still confused about TOK and don’t get what it’s about at all. someone enlighten me pleasee
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Fri May 10,2019 11:08 AM

It’s a type of philosophy
It is a pain in the ass as there is an essay and a presentation
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Fri May 10,2019 01:19 PM

im doing my finals and i still ask myself that question
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Sat May 11,2019 03:38 AM

TOK is essentially an extra class in addition to your core subjects. It’s kind of philosophy, kind of not- but the design of it is to make you think (in reality it just makes you confused). Really all you have to do is make a presentation and an essay and pass them. If you do there’s a potential for 3 extra points in combination with your EE. I hope that helps! And I promise- it gets clearer as you go along. Don’t worry about being confused for now.
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Sat May 18,2019 02:06 PM

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m nearly finished with year 1 and still don’t understand how everything works

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