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Wed May 8,2019 05:23 PM

I am trying to decide which subjects/classes I should pick for the IB. I am really passionate about Psychology and Art but also think I may enjoy Biology. I’m wondering if you guys could make sample schedules for me or just some advice on what I should pick. I listed some of my strengths and weaknesses below. Thanks! (PS: I am already enrolled in Spanish)

A’s in all classes (Pre-IB)
Enrolled in Advanced Math
Good Writer

Procrastinator (not super heavy)
Have no idea of what I want to do for a career

Classes Offered @ My School
IB Lang & Lit SL/HL
IB French SL
IB Spanish SL/HL
IB Global Politics SL/HL
IB Economics SL (1-Year)
IB World Religions SL (1-Year)
IB Physics SL/HL
IB Biology SL/HL
IB Chemistry SL
IB Environmental System & Societies SL (1-Year)
IB Design Technology SL (1-Year)
IB Math Applications & Interpretations SL
IB Math Analysis and Approaches SL/HL
IB Visual Art SL/HL
IB Music SL
IB Theater HL

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Thu May 9,2019 01:02 AM

Hi! Because you seem like a strong and creative writer, I would opt for HL Lang & Lit. Also if you’re passionate about psychology but your school doesn’t have it, I would suggest maybe Global Politics or World Religions because you will explore what people think and how they act and why. Also if you do Bio I would recommend doing SL. Your next HL could be Visual Art because you seem to be interested in that. And since you have a strong math background you would be good at Math HL. Then if you’re doing spanish (SL i’m assuming idk why) you should be good i think. HL: Lang, Visual Art, Math SL: Span, Bio, Global Politics (maybe?)
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Thu May 9,2019 03:08 AM

@ageis3648 Thank you so much! I’ve been doing some research and I think I’m going to want to major in some sort of biological psychology or neuroscience so I’m gonna stick with HL Bio. I’m just a little frustrated because my school only offers 3 classes for Individuals and Societies and none of them seem to be super beneficial in my career choice (IB Psych would be useful even Philosophy)

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