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Fri May 3,2019 03:57 PM

global politics, literature, and history as hl subjects or global politics, film and language literature?

i originally wanted global, lit and film but i can’t do that bc of my schedule so what would be the next best option?
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Tue Jul 9,2019 02:29 AM

I realize that this may be coming a bit too late but I mean, it's better late than never right? Anyways, I would just give you the following advice; if you're looking fo major in social sciences once you get to university, it would be better to take global, lit and history. This way, you have more credits that are transferable to university (if applicable in your country) and you have more general knowledge, giving you an advantage when the time comes to attend university courses. On the other hand, if you are more interested in the art/entertainment industry, you should probably go with global, film and lang lit since a lot of it it hands on from what I've heard for film. As for lang lit, you have more opportunities to write a variety of texts which could be useful if you are interested in being a writer or something of the sort. In the end, you need to evaluate what your strengths are as well as what classes are more geared towards what you want to do in university and consequently, make your class decision based off of that. To help you make this choice, you can always look at the courses' curricula online and assess which combination will work best, based off of the workload. Hopefully this was still somewhat helpful and I hope this helps makes your decision at least a little bit easier :)

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