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Thu May 2,2019 03:51 PM

Hey everybody,

I’m starting my History IA right now, and I’m hardcore stressing.

I have NO IDEA what to study. My teacher said a good idea is to look at topics that could be on the IB tests?

I don’t know. Any interesting things in history I should know about?
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Sun May 5,2019 09:07 PM

for your history IA you can do either a topic that you find really interesting or one that is already in your curriculum and can be on the test (which as your teacher said its really useful). for example, im also choosing my IA topic right now because eventhough id really like to do it on the vietnam war, because i find it really interesting and i dont know much about it, im tempted to do it on first world war, hitler or mao, because those are topics that i studied in class so not only would it save me A LOT of time of researching (i know nothing about the vietnamese war and ive studied those other topics before hand) but it could also (theres a small chance but still) be one of the questions in my exam (last year a boy who got 45 in my school did his history IA on the first world war and the exam question was EXACTLY his IA question)
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Tue Oct 8,2019 12:41 PM

Honestly in the long run you will thank yourself for doing your IA on a topic within the syllabus (you can apply more knowledge and also prepare better for your exams) but also an easy and straightforward topic will get you a long way rather than a complicated one that will stress you out

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