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Fri Apr 19,2019 01:27 PM

Hi everyone, my IOP is due in a few weeks and my teacher has basically given no feedback on my draft so I’m really freaking out because I know that it’s not a 6 or 7 but the other teachers won’t read it because it’s not right which I understand. Is there anything else you guys could recommend that I do? I’m really freaking out!
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Mon Apr 22,2019 11:07 PM

For my IOP, I basically crafted my presentation around the rubric/point scheme for the IOP. I started by organizing my presentation by parts and deciding what I would be talking about in each section to make sure that all of the criterion were attained. Something that also really helped me is comparing my presentation to others that I either found on youtube or the official IB website. I made sure that I compared my presentation that were to similar to others in format so that I could focus more on the content. Also, to help bump you grade up a couple points, try memorizing the main points of your presentation so that you don't use a script as a crutch and can gain more points in language. Hope this helps and don't worry too much, you've still got weeks to prepare yourself :)

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