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Thu Apr 18,2019 04:47 AM

I’ve done like only let’s say 20 things (only three of them are long term) and I just finished y1. Any advice. Am I ok. I don’t really understand the CAs requirements
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Thu Apr 18,2019 01:53 PM

From where I am, it is required to do cas related things 2-3 hours a week. This also includes during the summer as well. On top of that, you also have to do a month long project.
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Thu Apr 18,2019 02:39 PM

I wouldn't focus on how many activities you've done but rather on how many times you've hit each of the CAS criterion and goals. I'm also y1 student and so far, I only have 15-ish experiences and projects. Yet, I've reached every single criterion and goal multiple times. Therefore, I have showed multiple times that I have understood and started to implement into my life, the learner's profile as well as the CAS goals. That being said, I still think you're fine as long as you're frequently touching every single goal once in a while. Hope this was helpful :)
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Thu Apr 18,2019 04:01 PM

I definitely wouldn’t focus on the amount of activities you have done, focus on hours.
I think it’s important to show depth and commitment when you put in CAS hours, so find something that you’re interested in and delve deep into that.
That makes for super great CAS reflections as well. Hope this helps!

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