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Thu Apr 18,2019 01:30 AM

Okay so I managed to do bad on my history IA and now I’m scared because I don’t if that affects my chances of getting the diploma. Does anybody know if it does, am I done or can I still get it even though I did Bad?
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Thu Apr 18,2019 08:28 AM

How bad? I mean if you got a 4-5 on ur IA its only 20% of your grade so you have a really high chance of not failing at all. Just make sure you do good on your external assessments
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Thu Apr 18,2019 01:37 PM

Like @maherb said, it depends on your definition of bad. As it represents 20% of the final grade, as long as you didn't completely fail (like in the 1-2 area) and you study really hard for your exams to make up for it, you'll probably end up with a grade that you can be satisfied with. Hope this cheered you up a little!
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Thu Apr 18,2019 06:01 PM

Thank you guys, I did relieve my stress a little
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Fri Apr 26,2019 05:36 PM


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