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Wed Apr 17,2019 11:46 PM

So I am super confused what to put into my analysis and my teacher is a rubbish teacher. Any advice, help or EXAMPLES !!

I did mine on the Loftus and Palmer study.
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Thu Apr 18,2019 08:24 AM

This is what I know for HL. You need to specify the type of data format you used ordinal ratio etc... and you have to say why and what measures of dispersion you chose. You also need Descriptive and Inferential Statistics. Your Descriptive statistics are basic you can choose anything like mean, variance and standard deviation. You will have to plot say a bar graph or histogram that can relate to your experimental hypothesis. For your inferential statistics, choose the most suitable test according to your data. You can see the significance of your results. If less than 0.05 your hypothesis is confirmed. If greater null hypothesis is confirmed. All in all, you just have to link back to your hypothesis and make sure the choice of data can support it.
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Thu Apr 18,2019 08:26 AM

Also raw data should not be included in the analysis but rather in the appendices. Also, your graph you chose should reflect your experimental hypothesis. Label the x and y axes using operationalised variables
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Tue Jun 25,2019 07:32 PM

I did my IA on loftus and Palmer (I’m also HL
Mine was predicted at a 7
I could help you with whatever question you have in mind (To the best of my abilities obviously)!

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