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Sun Apr 7,2019 12:58 PM

My KQ is "why do we need a tragedy to act upon knowledge we already have?" and im struggling to find evidence for my limitation. My AOK is human sciences

Im trying to find a tragedy that no awareness was spread about the issue- if anyone has any ideas please comment below :))

also do we need citations?
Thank you!
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Wed Apr 10,2019 02:05 PM

The only example that I could possibly think of is the Rwandan Genocide in the 1990's. Although it is recognized to a certain extent today, at the time, this genocide remained a secret to most. As for the citations, you may not meed them but it'll certainly help since it'll give the impression that you did research well. Hope this helps :)
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Fri Apr 12,2019 11:40 PM

There are many many mass shootings in the United States and it never results in any change in the gun laws. In contract, New Zealand had one mass shooting recently and immediately changed its gun laws.

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