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Sat Apr 6,2019 08:31 PM

Hey guys,
I’m doing a tok presentation and the knowledge question is “To what extent does authority impact an individual’s behaviour?”
And my aok is ethics, I have no idea how to look at the question in the way of ethics.
Please help!!!!

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Sun Apr 7,2019 12:49 PM

well maybe you can think of it as who is this authority, is it your boss a teacher a parent? what ethics surround their job. for a teacher you can talk about how they have to be ethical to all children, have no biases, can’t be rude/abusive etc. you can also discuss how their moral principals influences how they work with a student and how that might affect a behaviour. For a parent you can discuss how a parent has to be ethical with their child, such as no hitting/being abusive, being loving so that they can have a good childhood. You can talk about how this may impact their behaviour in a good way, such as they do good in school, they feel loved and are kind or because they weren’t disciplined, they may become aggressive and misbehave. And with a boss, again they cannot be biased towards genders, sexuality etc. so if a boss was unethical this may cause the employee to not work to their standards, become depressed etc... i hope this make any sense ! and good luck on your tok!!
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Sun Apr 7,2019 01:24 PM

Thank you so much!!! This helped me a lot :)))
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Sun Apr 28,2019 02:31 PM

@ishasuvarna12 my ToK presentation is in 2 weeks and I’m actually doing something very similar to this, do you mind if I ask you what notes you have down for ideas?

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