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Sat Apr 6,2019 06:24 AM

It is EE season and I, as unlucky as I am, got World Religions which was my third choice. I am STRUGGLING to find a topic to do, as my supervisor says that all of the alternatives I’ve put forward are too narrow or too wide. I really want to do controversy in religion, but she says that I shouldn’t do it due to the unknown background of the external part reading it. I am also from a atheist environment, so I have no association with a religion, so if you have an interesting topic in mind based on the World Religions studies, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some inspiration to work from. <3
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Sat Apr 6,2019 11:51 AM

You can talk about what 2 major world religions have in common and the misconceptions that surround them in your area
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Wed Apr 10,2019 02:02 PM

You might want to consider the possibility of having an dual subject EE where you can explore World Religions and another topic such as History. That way, you'll be able to discuss several aspects of the topic and find more ideas.

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