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Wed Apr 3,2019 10:44 AM

We’re starting with the ToK presentation and we need to hand the teacher an outline next week.

The thing is I thought it was mandatory to work in pairs so I had told this girl that we could do it together. But my teacher said that if you really want to do it alone then you can.

And now I’m considering doing it alone because I have autism so I work better that way and I also get to do it for the ToK teachers instead of the whole class. Another reason I want to do by myself is because the girl I was supposed to work with told me herself that she is failing all her classes, she just never works and skips classes a lot. On the ToK test we did last semester I got a B and she barely passed. I know that if you do it in pairs then you’re graded together and I really don’t want to fail or lower my grade because she doesn’t want to do any of the work.

But at the start of the year I told her we could work together and I don’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her that I want to do it alone. What do I do? Do I just agree to do it even though I might lower my grade because of her and because I would give a worse presentation in 20 minutes than in 10 minutes that I would be doing if I did it by myself (like I said I’m autistic I can’t handle public speaking) or just tell her? Everyone else has either already paired or doing it single so if I tell her now and she can’t join someone else she also has to do it alone.
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Wed Apr 3,2019 11:09 AM

Just tell her, it might suck to ‘cancel’ on her but you need to put yourself and your grades above hers. Make sure if you do decide to tell her that you do it ASAP so that she doesn’t expect all the work done for her and she can do her presentation. Good luck and just go with your gut on this one
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Wed Apr 3,2019 02:21 PM

yeah bro go solo don’t sacrifice your tok credit
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Fri Apr 5,2019 12:21 AM

If you explain it to her the same way you’ve explained it here I’m sure she’ll understand!

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