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Tue Apr 2,2019 11:09 PM


In my search for IB tutors (math SL mostly), I have found HKUEXCEL, Spires.com and other businesses that offer tutoring. HKUEXCEL has good reviews, however, they charge $80 per hour. Does anyone have any experience with these businesses or does anyone recommend someone else? Is it worth the money?
Also, any tips for IB subjects, exam preparation, etc are more than welcomed.

Thank you
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Wed Apr 3,2019 10:40 AM

Tutoring is a good option! But for self study just before exams I’d recommend revision village. They go through past papers (videos on how to solve these questions) for maths HL, SL and studies. They’re the only reason I got a 6 in my practice exam to be honest. An awesome resource for self study.
Personally I haven’t tried HKUEXCEL myself, however I’ve heard that they do a pretty good job. Maybe just try it out once or twice and if you feel it isn’t working or you’re still not understanding, maybe try another company/someone else.
Hope this helps :)
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Wed Apr 3,2019 11:36 AM

@NGC2070 Thank you! I find revision village really useful too. I tried studynova too but I feel that the exercises are slightly easier compared to what ib requires. However, I sometimes feel a tutor would be better :))

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