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Tue Apr 2,2019 12:48 AM

Struggling on the format of my FOA?
I’m doing a presentation in class, but I’m not quite sure how to organize it..
Any advice?
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Tue Apr 2,2019 06:53 PM

Be as creative as you can with it! Don’t stick to something you feel that you need to like a PPT unless that is what you feel you’d excel at.
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Tue Apr 2,2019 09:50 PM

Though you can be creative with your FOA, having a clear structure is a large part of the mark scheme.
I’d recommend
In Introduction:
* - Introduce texts I’ve chosen (including their audiences)
* - Talk about why these are interesting (link this to official IB Lang and lit document)
* - Talk about context and how this has contributed to the meaning of the text
* - State point, message, audience, context, text type
* - Specify aims (link to the outcome of the part of the course you’re presenting)
Examples of aims in your presentation:
- Show how influential figures use language to convey their message
- Raise awareness of the ideological influence of the media
- Show how people in the media manipulate their speeches to target specific audiences

In Body Paragraphs:
Use PEEL. Point, evidence, explanation, link to context.
- Talk about the meaning it portrays
- How it affects society
- How it adds to effect to your aims/what I found interesting
- ANALYSE (literary devices, themes etc.)

Then conclude and talk about the implications of what you’ve just discussed. Of course this is just a guide so you don’t have so use all of these (and you can definitely be creative with how you go about them) but most things I’ve included are on the mark scheme and will help you get a better mark.

Also I’d recommend these videos:
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Fri Apr 12,2019 01:43 PM

@NGC2070 Thank you so much! I did my presentation last week and I think I did really well.

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