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Fri Mar 29,2019 06:14 PM

Hi, any good tips on how to prepare and do well in the IOC?
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Sat Mar 30,2019 10:13 AM

write EVERYTHING on your paper, from your starting sentences to your concluding sentences, it’ll make your life SOOO much easier and you won’t stutter as much. And make sure you have a little structure written as well, which should have ur key idea, your starting and concluding sentences, the annotations you will use and your analysis and then anything else you need. good luck !! :)
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Sat Mar 30,2019 05:20 PM

@ibhurtsme thank you! This was really helpful!!
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Wed Apr 3,2019 10:44 AM

Practice is key! I did about 10 practice sessions where I just simulated the conditions of the IOC and followed the advice above (wrote literally everything down except the intro and conclusion which I memorised for both texts, this was the only reason I got full marks haha). Practice sessions are super important because you put the pressure on yourself that you’ll have in the IOC. I recommend speaking for the 10 minutes as well when you practice that way you have a maximum chance of getting a really good score!

Good luck!!!

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