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Thu Mar 28,2019 01:55 PM

hello,, i need some advice. I will be starting DP in july and i’m still not sure about my subject choices.

So far these are my subjects
SL: English A, Bahasa Indonesia B, math analysis
HL: bio, econ, psychology

now i know you’re probably thinking what tf is this person wanting to major in uni. well... let’s just say I have two paths. either major in something biology related and go into the business side of biology in the future,, or marketing/pr/business.

fyi i really don’t want to have any languages and for my HL subjects. so i’m in a bit of a jam rn.

would greatly appreciate help/advice from anyone:) thx a bunch!!

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Thu Mar 28,2019 05:48 PM

@dyinglmao honestly your choices dont look that bad to me. I dont do psychology so i cant tell u anything about that but other than that i think ur hardest subject is Bio (HL) which tbh is manageable. getting a 6 or 7 in maths SL isnt that hard at the moment if u prepare well but i dont know how its going to be with all the changes in the syllabus next year. Also i know you said that u dont want languages as HL but IF you’re fluent in Indonesian (B) then i would strongly consider u change that to HL and change psych to SL since that is ur only HL that doesnt directly relate to ur uni course. as someone who is fluent in English doing English B HL i can 100% say its the easiest thing and tbh i dont think there’s that much of a difference between language B SL and HL. but again that’s only if ur fluent in it. hope this helps, dood luuuck
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Fri Mar 29,2019 01:04 PM

@Alk8 thanks for the advice really appreciate it :)
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Wed Apr 3,2019 11:16 AM

Psychology is a good HL to choose as I’ve been told by other students in the grades above me because it’s not too much harder than SL. Biology HL is basically just more content so more memorisation so if you’re up for that then go ahead. Psych may not relate directly to your uni degree but i don’t see how Indonesian contributes any more than psych does. Give it a few weeks, look into what you learn in each subject and decide which HLs you do want to do. Go with your gut and you’ll be fine xx
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Mon Apr 8,2019 12:59 PM

Hey! I see you wana take bio and Econ as HL ? I feel like it would be very overwhelming and hard. At least the material provided in my school for those two at HL is a lot. If you’re good at them then take them! It depends on what kind of subjects you work well with. I would advise you to take a language at HL ; you’re mother tongue. Choose whatever you feel you will excel with! I’m planning on studying business and I don’t take Econ or Bus Man xx
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Thu Apr 18,2019 06:28 AM

Let me tell you this: as a person currently in Y2 about to take my psychology HL exam, psychology is difficult, really difficult. Don’t take Bio and Psych HL it’s WAYYY too much content to memorize (I made the mistake of taking both) and psychology is so unpredictable the IB can change the requirements within a year. Rn I am studying for an exam that was completely different last year in terms of structure of questions and how to answer etc.. so we have no past papers to look at!! We were learning psych in Y1 and then they decided to change the outcomes etc so we had to change the entire way we wrote essays and studies and it was and still is a nightmare because I basically studied the course in the span of a year instead of two. If you’re still determined to take psychology I recommend you choose either bio or psych as an HL. Bio has SO MUCH extra content between HL and SL whereas psych doesn’t so you can base your choice on that. Here are my subject choices in case you wanted to know: (I’m gonna major in communications and filmmmaking). I highly recommend you have one language in HL

English L&L HL
Psychology HL
Biology HL

Math Studies SL
Film SL
Spanish Ab Initio SL
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Fri Apr 19,2019 09:13 PM

If you want to go into business do not do economics HL. Take business as HL

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